Phil Since the age of twelve I have been obsessed with cars. Now at twenty-nine I get to fulfill my dream by starting up Flat 4 Motorsport. In 2001 when I first laid my eyes upon the first Subaru WRX to be brought to the United States, I fell in love and said, “One day I will buy one of those.” That day finally came in 2006 when I purchased a new 2007 Subaru WRX TR. I learned the hard way that when you add parts you must tune the car to get the full potential of the modifications you are doing and to make sure you are not doing damage in the process. Fast forward to 2011, I have spent countless days, nights, and weekends since 2006 finding the perfect solution to having a bullet proof Subaru motor that can handle abuse. When I blew up my first motor, a friend/owner of One6 Motorsports referred me to AES (Automotive Engine Specialties) for all my machining needs. After using AES for a motor build, I started referring friends for other services and found that they were a one stop shop for ALL machine work related to building motors, and racing cylinder heads. The Midwest needed a fresh start with a shop that is well know for their muscle car restoration, to 8,000 HP top fuel dragster builds. Flat 4 Motorsport and AES teamed up to design the three Signature Series motors that grace this brochure. From a street car to a track monster, Flat 4 Motorsport, has the engine for you. When you buy a motor or have a service performed by Flat 4 Motorsport, you are guaranteed a quality product, with top notch customer service from myself. I also offer a plethora of OEM and aftermarket parts available to you through my network of various distribution companies and direct from the actual manufacturer. Whether it be an OEM Subaru master gasket kit, a jug of OEM coolant, camshafts, to a Forced Performance turbocharger, Flat 4 Motorsport is your one stop shop for a bullet proof motor with the aftermarket parts to make it go fast!

“Welcome to a new breed of power”

-Philip Ly